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World Vision and Watermill Express Team Up for Clean Water Program


Since 1977, Codilis and Associates has served clients out of its Burr Ridge, Illinois office, specializing in cases related to mortgage lending and other areas of real estate law. Outside of its legal practice, Codilis & Associates provides support to a number of charitable organizations, including World Vision.

In impoverished countries, access to clean water is a vital component to survival. Unfortunately, many of these areas lack such access. Approximately 1,000 children die every day because they aren’t able to get clean water, subsequently developing illnesses from drinking water from contaminated sources. Through a partnership with Watermill Express, World Vision has been able to alleviate this need by bringing over 100 million gallons of water to people living in poverty throughout the world over the past year.
Watermill Express is a company that provides drive-up customers with water and ice. As part of its collaboration with World Vision, the company pledged to donate one gallon of water to the organization’s “One Gallon Here Gives One Gallon There” drive for every gallon the company sold at one of its locations. Through the program, the two groups were able to bring much-needed safe drinking water to those in need around the world.

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